Bonnie Dundee Dancers
Greater Seattle Area Scottish Performance Dancers and Musicians

Our Goal is to bring the fun and drama of Scottish Dance and Music to venues throughout the Puget Sound.  We have about 20 dancers in our troupe and a number of excellent musicians.

We offer performances of Scottish Country Dancing, Scottish Step Dancing, and some Highland Dancing along with live music.  We typically perform at festivals, fairs, schools, weddings, parties, fundraising events, and conventions.

Our performances can be catered to your needs and desires.  We have several different costumes which give a historical or a more modern context.

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Scottish Country Dancing is the ballroom dance of Scotland.  It consists of energetic jigs and reels and graceful strathspeys.  Our repertoire includes dances dating from the 17th century to dances devised in the past 2 or 3 years.

Step Dancing is a solo tradition featuring intricate steps and story dances.  These are the dances the dance masters of old taught in their dance schools back in the day.  We perform a number of soft shoe dances as well as several hard shoe step dances.

Highland Dancing, the oldest form of Scottish Dancing, is highly technical and vigorous.  Our men perform several highland dances including the Fling and the Sword Dance.

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Bonnie Dundee after a performance at the Skagit Games with two of our Musicians: Helen Van Mater (our Music Director) and Chris Leininger

Step Dancers at the Highland Games


     Basic information on our performances:

Duration We typically perform a varied program of about 30 minutes.  This can be arranged to suit your time and budget.
Fees: A sliding fee will be charged at a rate to be negotiated when the other arrangements are made.
Music: Music can be performed live, or we can use CDs.
Dancers: The number of performers can range from 4 to a cast of 20.
Facilities: To dance for you, we need a clear space, at least 20' by 20', and a good level surface.

Please contact Bonnie Dundee Artistic Director, Elizabeth Miller, at for more information.



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